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who we are

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Short was born in 2005 and since then we have been connected to you and your brand through our Outsourcing services.

With specialized and trained teams in the areas of Sales and Marketing Management, Below the Line Communication, Merchandise and Work Teams Management, we establish all the connections towards the success of your brand.

Our specialization in Trade Marketing has been the guarantee of our reference partners and clients in the national market, so it is with all confidence that we tell you: whatever your challenge may be…
we manage!

what we do

Our focus is to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our partners, transforming our know-how in added value for customers, through flexible solutions that optimize company costs.

Our core-business acts in two distinct areas: the provision of Outsourcing services, namely the Staff, and the provision of Logistics and Implementations services.

The work history developed by Short since 2005, gave us a sense of business and knowledge of the vision and objectives for an execution of excellency.

coming together is a beginning

keeping together is progress

working together is success



We have a team of Hostesses and Promoters selected according to high criteria, adaptable to the a variety of services.

On our active Database we recruit staff from all over the country for a variety of Promotion, Sales and Brand Activation jobs. This way, we guarantee a national coverage of people, while creating work groups capable of long-term projects, in order to minimize costs and guarantee staff with training and profiles for all types of actions.


logistics activation


With a personalized service, we guarantee our customers a wide range of services that stand out for their quality, speed and efficiency.


integrated pos sales solutions

Our turnkey solution for your customers. With this Short solution, we are able to boost sales through all the stages for a closer relationship with the consumer along with a wide range of services that will complement your business, showing that differentiated work at the point of sale is the way to success.

we are not the same everyday




      Rua do Barroco – Lugar da Arroteia 174 V, 4465-591 Leça do Balio
      P. (+351) 226 095 445

      Rua Pé de Mouro N42, R/C, 2710-335 Sintra
      P. (+351) 213 320 084

      MARF – Edifício A1, Piso 1, ESC.02, Cx. P. 47M
      Sítio do Guilhim, Estoi
      8009-021 Faro


      with a personalised service, we guarantee our customers a wide range of services that stand out for their quality, speed and efficiency

      Short refillers have professional experience, dynamism and a great sense of responsibility. With capacity and used to implementations and promotional highlights such as tops, displays and islands, as well as implementation of planograms and material at the point of sale and linear changes.

      sales staff

      sales and human resources management

      Not only are we a turnkey solution, we can also be a partner on the sales and promotion of any type of event. Short's corporate purpose comprises retail trade in stalls, fairs and mobile units selling food, beverages and tobacco.

      We have our own billing system, with portable equipment and billing software in accordance with current legislation.

      Our Sales Assistants and Promoters are trained by our company for a good use of POS, ATM and are qualified to work with the invoicing system:
      ● Certified by the tax authorities (saft file export)
      ● SQL
      ● Single-seat
      ● Unlimited product configuration
      ● Exclusive retail software
● Multi-user

      ● Customer Layout
      ● Multiple pricing lines and management documents
      ● Simplified taxpayer invoicing


      image consultants for the sales world

      Short merchandisers ensure that your business has the right amount of products available on SP, ensuring products arrive on time while collaborating with the stock acquisition team to predict, plan and monitor stock levels.

      Our merchandisers also work closely with the sales team to decide how products should be displayed in-store to maximize sales.


      ability to manage teams with excellence and rigor

      Our supervisors have strong communication and team management skills, a great sense of orientation towards results and a meticulous attention to detail for the most assorted types of work and are able to work in a variety of areas. In addition to proficiency on a wide range of languages, they are experienced in reception and coordination, have a high team spirit of responsibility and maturity.


      professionalism with high recruitment standards

      Our Hostesses, in addition to mastering several languages, have a careful image and have experience in reception, host and protocol.

      Because they are not just a pretty face, Short hostesses have specific training for the roles they perform, making our teams efficient and contributing to the success of your event.


      professional sales promoters

      Our Promoters are selected for their power of argument, their in-depth knowledge of sales techniques for products and services and, of course, for their good presentation, posture and dynamic attitude.


      supply management, waybills issuance and material allocation
      Computer Platform - Logistics Management

      Short has a Web platform PHC based, with a Client Reserved Area that allows access to materials visualisation and our partners to control:
      ● Stocks
      ● Material in/out control
      ● Materials assembly and implementation
      ● Creation of Logistics Orders online, with movement registration
      ● Images of the cataloged material
      ● Incoming and outgoing goods/materials from the warehouse
      ● Material and equipment online allocation knowledge
      ● Movements history - easy way of compliance
      Tailor Made Reporting

      The goal is a greater speed of processing and response efficiency.

      We can develop processes and tasks tailored to each client’s specific needs.


      onsite assembly teams

      Short Team is equipped to deliver materials beforehand and implement in SP
      ● Materials collection to be implemented in the store's warehouse
      ● Preparation of the area to be implemented
      ● Materials assembly and implementation
      ● Application of floor graphics
      ● In-store warehouse confirmation of products and articles identified in the plan to implement
      ● Displacement of products and articles to the implementation area
      ● Allocation of products and articles according to plan in the implemented space
      ● Cleaning of the implemented area
      ● Inspection of other areas in the store, tops and linears, as well as of articles and products of the implemented brands
      ● Photographic report in loco


      security 24/7 days a week

      Safety is an integral part of the quality of the services provided by Short.

      The safety and health of everyone who contributes to the development of Short's activities, including employees, suppliers, service providers, customers and other stakeholders, is a fundamental value and a priority for Short's success. The consolidation of a positive safety culture is only possible with the participation and involvement of everyone in a participatory and collaborative attitude towards Safety at Work.

      assembly and disassembly

      assembly of the most varied equipment on events and activations

      ● Location Verification
      ● Placement of Equipment on site
      ● Mounting Access Ramps - if applicable
      ● Light Point Connection
      ● Systems Verification
      ● Final Interior and Exterior cleaning
      ● Photographic Report

      ● Collection Scheduling
      ● Damages or Alterations with Photographs record
      ● Collection of all material inherent to the action
      ● Equipment preparation for Transport
      ● Photographic Report
      ● Equipment Movement Registration – Online Platform
      ● Final tailor made Report dispatch and Checklist validated by intervenients

      Short can proactively propose maintenance breaks in order to avoid profound interventions

      storage and handling

      excellent nationwide storage and material accommodation

      Our warehouses are accessible and have security 24/7.

      Short team is able to receive and prepare the materials, as follows:


      ● Availability for both palletised and bulk reception
      ● Stock confirmation
      ● Platform insertion with or without valuation
      ● Judicious distribution and arrangement through the correct spaces of the warehouse


      ● Inspection and cleaning of material
      ● Counting products and checking expiration dates (if applicable)
      ● Automatic issuance of waybills
      ● We receive orders placed by unit


      nationwide delivery and assembly

      Short delivers and collects material anywhere in the country.

      We have teams ready with immediate availability for distribution work 24/7 days a week, duly specialised for the transport of various equipment and materials of different sizes. All deliveries and collections are carried out with the proper documentation required by law.

      We have a fleet of vehicles prepared to move structures with a trailer for standard material or specific formats such as:
      ● 15m³ Vans with trailer
      ● 9m³ Vans with trailer
      ● Light vehicles with and without trailer